Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Friday, Friday...

Couldn't resist...

This kid and her annoying song is EVERYWHERE

"Yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards"

Seriously? Who came up with those lyrics?

Pretty sure it wasn't this guy.


Dod was being sneaky today.
DOD: Highlight an important word out of that sentence.
SCOTT: Attachment.
DOD: I'd go for "Types of attachment".
SCOTT: You said word...
DOD: That or phrase.
Awwww Dod is in a doddle.

Our bus driver was awesome.

Like an Aberdonian Hugh Hefner.

For a 70 year old dude, he was a PLAYER!!
BUS DRIVER: *On Intercom* Thank you for flying with Sleazy jet... would anyone like to be dropped off at the shops before we arrive at our destination?
Everyone looks around the bus and ponders...
US: Naaaah. We're good.
BUS DRIVER: Hope you all have a great weekend!
US: Awww! You too!
BUS DRIVER: Oh... I always have a good weekend! Going to see Mamma Mia...
US: Have fun with that...
BUS DRIVER:  44 screaming women?  Don't worry, I will.
Then I got off the bus...
KATI: He reminds me of an older Dod! I think he's Dod's Dad!!
ME: ... How does he remind you of Dod?!
KATI: Because he came from Essex and so did Dod!
ME: ... How do you know Dod comes from Essex?
KATI: Oh, it was just me and him in the classroom and he told me that he came from Essex, so I asked "Do you know anyone from 'The Only Way Is Essex'?" and I was so tempted to ask him if he got vagazzled.
ME: Dod got vagazzled!!!
For those who don't know what the art of vagazzling is... 
Vagazzle: The act of bedazzling your vagina, also known as "Blinging your beaver".
Thank you for that insightful definition Urban Dictionary. 


Mrs Fulton was off...

It was quite boring.

I drew a hill.


We had either:

a) A Unit Three NAB

b) An extension test.

Good thing? Me and Dougal were reunited with Calum and Sophie :)

Bad thing? Dude. It was a test.

I was sitting the NAB, but I think I've failed a few of the outcomes cause (stupidly) I never really revised.

In my defense, I was K/O'd for twelve hours.

And information osmosis doesn't seem to work.

No matter how hard students try.

Don't tell anyone I told you this, but Sophie was totally cheating on her Maths test.
CALUM: Cheat.
SOPHIE: It wasn't cheating! I did the work last night and I was just looking over what I wrote!
CALUM: So if I took my notes book into the exam, that would be fine?
The school was decorated once again for a Birthday. Seriously, those guys are just too sweet.


Watched Zoe squeezing into a corset.

Don't be fooled by its girly nature...
This could easily be one of Jigsaw's 
methods of torture in Saw.

Yesterday night was the best though.



Went with Halle and her two TKD buds Kerri and Julie.

The tickets were free. You can't get any better than that.

You know how support bands are usually okay/terrible?

Well. McFly's FIRST support band was actually really good!

"That Sunday Feeling". You should definitely check them out!

Anyways, went to get an IRN BRU (Because we're Scottish) and guess who we saw?

Jay Imlach. Bass guitarist of "That Sunday Feeling."

He is such a sweet guy.
ME: I love your shirt!
JAY: Thank you... you know, you're the first person all night who has said anything about it.
ME: Awww, I love Batman!
JAY: Me too. You guys enjoying yourself so far?
US: *In awe* Yeah!
ME: What about you, did you have fun?
JAY: Yeah, it was really good, but I'm so tired! We were out drinking last night and we had to walk back from the pub to the travel-lodge...
ME: Travel Lodge? Nice to see their letting you live it up!
JAY: I know!
Then he made us fall in love with him forever.
JAY: This is where it gets awkward... I'm not good at conversations.
ME: Neither am I! This is why you should have a drink.
JAY: I really should... I don't have any money though.
ME: Want a bit of mines?
JAY: No! I couldn't do that.  
JULIE: You sure? You can have a bit of mine's if you want.
JAY: No, that's too kind, I can't do that. What is that anyways? IRN BRU? Everyone's drinking it.
Haha, that's us Scots for yah!

So he went off, and he said that he might come and sit beside us during the show. But he didn't. Booo.

He had backstage passes though, so I can't really blame him!

McFly were adorable though.

We were going about shouting "C'mon Busted! I can't wait for Take That! WESTLIIIIIIIIIFE!" just to see people's reactions.

The best one?
ME: *To Linzie* You excited for Busted?!
Her face drops.

McFly were speaking Doric. Ken fit like min, och aye.

Some of the words they were saying I have never heard of in my life!!

They had t-shirt launchers. It was... EPIC.

I know what you are thinking.

McFly. Cheesy.


They are honestly amazing performers. I recommend seeing them!
Lauren xxx