Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello my pretties...

Wow. Could I have seriously chosen a creepier title?

What's that?
Thank you for the nightmares?
You're welcome.

I just wanted to take the time to brag chat about my friends.

For those who do not know this... my friends are awesome.

Halle is competing Tae kwon do at an International level.
Megan can sing, act and paint. Not all at the same time... Actually, she might be able to do them all at the same time. I'll have to ask her.
Kristina gives blood.
Jennifer does... everything. She's won countless medals for Gymnastics, dancing and trampolining. As well as being one of the smartest kids I know.
Ashleigh met Matt Willis in town this week (still jealous about this).
Laura and Ewan are basically perfect at acting, I swear. Hollywood, snap em up.

I could go through my facebook friend list and just name one thing that makes my friend awesome. But that would take way too long.

They are hilarious, some of them are lifesavers, others are legends, all of them are a tiny piece of the mosaic that makes up my life and I love them all to bits and pieces.

Just felt as though I needed to take the time to say that....

Lauren xxx