Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am feeling really ill right now.

I smell blood. And I swear I keep seeing people. You know, like figures in the distance? But it turns out it's only a tree.

On top of those pleasant side effects, I've got killer blisters, I feel like I'm away to be sick and I'm pretty sure I'm away to collapse.

So... Brilliant?

Please forgive me, today has been epic but I just don't feel in the mood to do anything but sleep!

Went to see Battle LA with Kelly, Kristina, Kyle, Lucas and Lewis.

The film was okay. It wasn't anything spectacular, the camera technique that just about every disaster movie uses (i.e. Shaky, handheld shots) were used quite heavily in this. Yaaaay.

The film makers made a feeble attempt to give the characters a backstory. Didn't really work in my opinion. I could barely remember who was who, and when one soldier died, I barely even noticed their absence! 

That's not good.

If you want to go see something in the cinema just now, go watch "The Adjustment Bureau". Best thing in right now if you ask me.

Kelly thought that the aliens looked like Hot chicken wings....

Mmmmmm! Alien! Finger licking good!!

It was a really good night. 

But we all walked home. From the beach. THE BEACH!!

That's insane.

Okay, It isn't that long when you are actually walking it, but when you are recovering from a cold, It seems pretty daunting when you look back!

Ahh well. I'm away to sleep.

Good night everybody!

Lauren xxx