Monday, March 14, 2011

Solomon Kane

I'm not overly familiar with the character of Solomon Kane, I've read a few comics and maybe a short story over the years so I was well aware of the basic premise of the character but I guess I couldn't really be called a fan and I certainly didn't have any kind of in depth knowledge of Robert E Howard's character, I do remember being quite amused when the Van Helsing movie starring Hugh Jackman was released as it seemed to me that the character design was somewhat based on Solomon Kane.

A while ago I ordered a whole bunch of dirt cheap Blu-ray discs from Amazon UK and Solomon Kane was one of them, it's not that I was particularly keen to see it but it was really cheap and I though it might be fun.

As it turns out it been one of my better buys recently, I really enjoyed the movie, sure it's ambition exceeded it's budget and that showed the few times they attempted CG special effects which seemed incomplete or rushed but other than that this was a fun movie and I wouldn't mind seeing another one.

I have no real idea how faithful the movie is to the books but I wouldn't mind picking up a Solomon Kane novel or two at some point and if this movie gets a sequel count me in.