Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hairdryer on wheels.

Somehow, I don't think this is what
 was meant by that.


The usual change, sit, change technique was used.

But me and Kelly were doing the dumbbells!!

Who do you think I am, Hercules?!

That's more like it.

Oh. And we were NOT "pumping iron".

In fact, we were rolling plastic.


Dumbbells roll surprisingly well.

But we got bored of that so we invented a new game: Basketweight.

Yup, you guessed it. A mixture of weight lifting and basketball.

Dangerous? Yes. Potentially lethal? Yes. But that's the fun of it all!!

Megan's hair looked gorgeous again yesterday. I'm so jealous of it! She comes to school everyday with a kickass new hair style. And you wanna know what she says?
MEGAN: I didn't even need to brush it this Morning.
I wish my sleep patterns loved my hair that much.

I know small child. Do not worry.
I feel your pain.

My Mum and Dad went to this 6th year information night on Tuesday night.

Well... It was hardly going to be Tuesday at 6am was it?

Anyways, we found out the goss for 6th year at Kincorth Academy, or as me and Linzie refer to it:
"*Referring to the P.E. department* A dump in a sh*thole."
Here's a little summary for you all:

  1. The current format of registration in the Morning (Each year is divided into roughly seven registration classes) will be abolished and replaced with a new format, where each registration class has several pupils from EACH. YEAR. (That's going to be an epic fail, let me tell you now.)
  2. No psychology or sociology.
  3. No Accounting.
  4. No photography.
  5. Almost all of the subjects we choose to take in Kincorth Academy... well... they WON'T be studied in Kincorth Academy. Turn attention to number 6.
  6. We are merging EVERYTHING with Torry, Harlaw and Grammar. Boo.
  7. Ms Alba is coming back (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)
  8. I've been recommended to take pictures of cracks.
Not THOSE sort of cracks.

Taking pictures of cracks in machinery in the oil field.

Laugh it up! To say that Linzie and Kelly did would be an understatement.


Having a discussion with Kati about her pets.

Remember the discussion I had with her about  her baby names?

KATI: I had a hamster once, before it died. I called it Erin September.
ME: Wait! You're going to name your baby Erin September too?
KATI: Yeah.
ME: Not Erin September two... Unless...
KATI: Yeaaaaah, just carry on the name? Erin September the third.
Can just imagine how the conversation between Erin and Kati will go when she's been conceived, born and grew up a little (cause Kati isn't even pregnant yet. Thought I'd add that in)
ERIN: Mum... How did I get my name?
KATI: I named you after my hamster.
Kelly added more spiraled bits of metal to her globe fascinator. It's slowly turning into a wearable deathtrap.


Mrs Fulton is actually hilarious. We were reading through MacBeth and she stopped every ten or so minutes to tell us a story.

Best thing though?
MRS FULTON: I almost killed myself yesterday, it was so stuffy so I opened that window, it swung round, hit the daffodils and it all went out the window! My daffodils, the water, my vase...
MRS FULTON: *sudden realisation* Oh! It was your vase! I'm so sorry! It wasn't a family heirloom was it?
Ms Shaw leaves the room.
MRS FULTON: I forgot it was her vase... Lucky that no-one was standing underneath or they would have gotten a vase and a dozen daffodils over their head!
I don't mind MacBeth, but Mrs Fulton's stories beat Shakespeare's hand down.

She was teaching us about manipulation of men and how Women RULE at it.
MRS FULTON: I am not allowed to drive my Husband's car. He's allowed to drive mine, but I'm not allowed to drive his. Well, you know the really  bad winter we just had? My Husband has a giant 4x4, and it only takes him ten minutes to drive to his work. I have a hairdryer on wheels and it takes me an hour and a half! So I start putting ideas into his head. "Oh... It's meant to be aweful weather this year... And the hill that I have to go up is awefully dangerous..." and he says "Oh yes...". Nothing more was really said about it until we came back from our Holidays in October, we stepped off the plane and there was snow on the ground. "It's snowing!!" he said. By the end of the day, a brand new 4x4 was bought! *looks happy with herself* "Oh, I can't have you driving up that hill with your hairdryer on wheels". There you are ladies, just make the men think that it's their idea and you can get whatever you want!
Billy kept sniffing, so she went onto another story:
MRS FULTON: Me and my Husband were at a hotel to celebrate my Birthday, not too posh but still, quite fancy, and we went down to Breakfast, he ordered a Black pudding, but I think that they are disgusting so I went for the poached eggs. Well... The girl next to me had a cold didn't she? It was a quiet room, so all you heard was *sniiiiff*... *sniff Sniiiiiiiff*. And what was I eating? Eggs. Runny eggs. *shakes head*
She went onto telling us about her experiences with exams and how her stomach would rumble throughout. AND how she passed out in front of a class of first years, on their first week of the new School. She wasn't feeling well to begin with and she bent down to pick up a water bottle off of the floor but she fell down in a heap. Boom. Collapsed. She said that she woke up to a crowd of little faces asking "Mrs Fulton.... are you okay?". "Go get Mr Howden!". Blank faces. "Go get anyone!"

Was looking through a magazine at Lunch (Hold your horses kiddo, it was More or Okay before you start insinuating) and it was Ashleigh's, and I was facing her (i.e. reading the magazine upside down) so that one of the pictures looked as though it had gravity defying boobs.

THIS is the most child friendly picture I could find when 
searching for Gravity defying boobs...

Jennifer did NOT look happy when Lewis called her Mum fit...

Uh oh!


Passed my NAB. Wooooo!

30 out of 40 with only five minutes revision? I'll accept that.

They boys were talking about Pokemon.

Hey, I don't know if this is applicable to the rest of Aberdeen/Scotland/Britain/Europe/World/Universe but you are never too old for pokemon.

I am actually in love with Psyduck.
We are going to elope to Switzerland and "evolve".

I thought... you were aware of that.

Last period: I felt so happy for Abie.
MRS DUNCAN: What's advantages of Breastmilk?
EMMA: It's full of antibodies.
MRS DUNCAN: Yes, but think economically...
ABIE: *Throws pen up in air dramatically* IT'S FREEEEEEEEE!!!
Felt like singing "Hallelujah" for her, she's been dying to say that for an advantage.

Me and Linzie got a piece of chocolate thrown of our heads by little seccond year neds...

Linzie threw it back at them. Cause she's maaaaaaad. 


Lauren xxx