Friday, August 9, 2013

A Friend, Paris and Webseries

Today I woke up and did my 20 minute elliptical workout and played a little LOTRO before my friend Lydia (who is visiting from Switzerland) came over to hang out. We grabbed some lunch and then came back to my place to watch a movie. She went through all my screeners from last year and selected a few. One that I hadn't seen and she said was good was Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris.

Here's a quick synopsis: While on a trip to Paris with his fiancée's family, a nostalgic screenwriter finds himself mysteriously going back to the 1920s every day at midnight.

Now I'm not a Woody Allen fan but with that said I've only seen a few of his movies but those that I have seen just weren't for me. But this one sounded a bit whimsical and I love whimsy.

Here's my review of Midnight in Paris.. Overall I loved this movie..  It was fun, well written, very sweet and so entertaining. I mean they never explained how or why this guy would go back in time everyday at midnight. But that really didn't matter as the characters were so rich and interesting. I loved that he was so into it, it took him only a few minutes to understand what was going on and he never questioned it if it was real or not. All the acting was amazing, they got some great actors to portray some of our most prolific artists and writers of the century.

I'm glad Lydia made us watch this as I am now thinking about going back and watching a bit more of Woody Allen movies. I liked his writing and his characters and the way the interacted. I know the Purple Rose of Cairo has some whimsy to it, so I think I'll check that out next. So I give Midnight in Paris a solid B+

After the movie we chatted for a bit, she also helped me water my trees around my property. We said goodnight around 8pm. Hopefully I'll get to see her one more time before she leaves, she might come to my meteor shower viewing party that I'm having on Saturday.

After Lydia left my focus shifted to the webseries that Chris and I are working on. We decided on a font (Pyriform) that we will be using for the main title (woohoo). I spent the next half hour trying to write a synopsis of the series as a whole and that's alot harder to do then you would think. The point of the synopsis is to get people interested in the series, but it needs to be short (about a paragraph) and to the point and that's tough to do.

And after a half hour I gave up and moved on to playing some LOTRO to end my night. It was a fun day, got to visit with my friend, was introduced to a great movie that has lead to my reevaluating my thoughts about Woody Allen films and I got some work done on my webseries.. so all in all a good day.