Friday, August 23, 2013

Copies and Twisted Ankles

Today I went out and had to make copies of some scripts. Tomorrow a group of friends are getting together to rehearse the first five episodes of the webseries that my buddy Chris and I are writing. I printed out 1 copy of each at my buddy Robert's place and wanted to get 9 more copies made. It was a total of 54 pages that I needed to copy 9 times.

Now the last time I made copies they were something like .02 cents a copy. Well today at the UPS store they were .07 cents a copy.  I had to make 486 copies/pages. Instead of it costing $9.72 it was going to cost me $34.02. Yay, not having money or a job this was not going to work so instead I opted to buy only 4 copies of each script costing me $15.12 (which is still to much for me) but I had to have scripts for the cast to read off of. Anyways... super excited for tomorrow and hearing the words that Chris and I wrote come to life.

Did a google hangout with my buddy Chris tonight, a few friends joined in, Eva, Brett and Elea. I was only able to stay an hour before doing my geeky workout before bed. Said my goodbyes and started up the Xbox for an hour of SW Galactic Dance Off. Only a few minutes in I over excited and came down on my left ankle wrong and felt a sharp jolt of pain run up my leg. Needless to say my workout was over. I don't know if my ankle is twisted or what all I know if I can put any real pressure on it at the moment. Will have to see how it feels tomorrow.

I swear the universe if trying to prevent me from working out. First my elliptical breaks, and I find a suitable replacement activity and now my ankle twist, stopping me for doing that...  Ugh!!!