Friday, August 30, 2013

"Get Fit" Week 4

So it's been a month since I got the news from my doctor about being on the verge of diabetes and having to change my diet. I have manage to get as low as 201 but the past few weeks I haven't been as diligent with my workouts since I lost my elliptical machine. Also my eating hasn't been that great and I have gained a few pounds back and was up to 203 on week three. Now at the end of week 4 I haven't gained any weight.. which is great.. but I also haven't lost any weight which isn't so great. I weighted in at 203 again.

My buddy Chris is staying with me from Thursday to Monday for the Labor day weekend and I have several picnics and dinners planned, so week five is not looking so good on the losing weight end. Chris is going to take a look at my elliptical and see if he can fix it, if he can't I really need to come up with a really good short 30 minute cardio workout that I can do and not get bored with.

One month in and I have lost a total of seven pounds which is great so I'm happy about that but I'm still struggling with my eating habits. The reason I'm losing weight is because I'm not eating and that's never a good way to lose weight. I need to find that balance with the way I'm eating and find a new workout regime soon.