Friday, August 30, 2013

Random Geek Question: Cosplay

Another Random Geek Question that I asked on Twitter and Facebook. This question spawned from a recent episode of Heroes of Cosplay on Syfy. On the show these hard core cosplayers were saying that people shouldn't cosplay whoever they like, that they should take into account their body type as those that don't give cosplayers a bad name or bad image. One of the newer cosplayers objected to this and said she felt anyone should be able to cosplay anything they want as long as they are having fun and the seasoned cosplayers looked appalled by this statement.

So I put this question out there "Should people be able to Cosplay anyone/thing they want? Or should they take into account their body type & gender?"

I got about fifteen or so responses and everyone one of them said that people have the right to cosplay whoever and whatever they wanted to and it didn't matter what there body type was or gender. A few did mentioned that "larger" cosplayers should consider what kind of characters they can play. But the majority said good for those who don't fit the typical body for a certain character and are brave enough to show it off.

For me I think anyone should be able to cosplay/dress up as anyone/thing they feel like. I for one know my body and I'm not comfortable playing tall skinny characters when I'm short and fat. Instead I find characters that I love and feel I can pull off with my body type. That doesn't mean that I agree that someone who is short and fat can't play a tall, slender character, I'm just saying that I can't.

If you're a regular reader of my blog you know I cosplay as a Hobbit. I love Hobbit culture and their values and could see myself happily living a Hobbit life. When I opted for which Hobbit to play I went with a brown wig and had "the ring" so of course folks thought I was Frodo, when the new Hobbit movie came out I was called Bilbo alot and of course you get the rude/very honest people who said I was too fat to be Bilbo or Frodo so I must be Sam even thought Sam is blonde and doesn't care the ring or sting for that long in the adventure. I realize that I am heavier then how Frodo or Bilbo were protraied in the films, but not the books. I have considered finding a blonde wig so I can portray Sam as he is my favorite Hobbit/Hero of the story so next time someone says I am Sam.. I can proudly say you are correct. Let me know what your thoughts are on my recent Geek Question about Cosplaying.