Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just Another Day

Workouts continued, I've done 20 to 50 minutes elliptical cardio for the past 11 day straight... feeling great. Today was no different, did a 25 minute cardio on the elliptical this morning and another 25 minute cardio in the evening.

I continued to paint the trim around my house. I don't understand why this task is so difficult for me. I manage to do about an hour or so of painting and then I'm exhausted. This can't continue. I've been painting this house since March and that's just crazy. Time to finish.. tomorrow I'm going to focus on doing nothing but finishing up the trim work. Heat or not I have to get this done once and for all.

My friends Kim Evey and Felicia Day were featured in Produced By, it's the Producer's Guild of America magazine. You can read the article about new media HERE. What's double cool is that they used 5 of the photos that I took while on set on various seasons. I didn't get a credit but cool non-the-less.

I did a bit more star gazing before bed.. got to see a few meteors and one ran all the way across the sky and was so bright.. it was pretty amazing.