Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hanging with Friends & Another Random Geek Question

So several friends crash at my place after our day of rehearsal yesterday. So Robert, Cait, Aaron, Brett and Josh got up around 9am. Brett left for home immediately, while I made some biscuits and gravy for the rest of them for breakfast. While we ate breakfast we watched Galaxy Quest. I can watch that movie everyday and never get bored of it. It's a modern day classic!!

After Galaxy Quest we played a few hours of Flux. And then went back to watch a movie. Robert suggested Back to the Future and asked which is my favorite. It's either one or three, not a big fan of two. So I went with three as I love the love story between Emmett and Clara. So we watched Back to the Future III which ended around 4pm and the party was over. Robert and Cait left, then Aaron and finally my buddy Josh.

It was a fun weekend, besides the awesome rehearsals I got to spend some time with some amazing friends. In the evening I was playing some Minecraft with my buddy Chris, it's been so long that I had to learn how to walk and move all over again.. also my friend Kim crashed at my place since she is shooting something up past Gorman and I live an hour and half closer to the location then she does. We got to visit for a few minutes before she crashed.

I posted another "Random Geek Question" on Twitter and Facebook - Star Wars... is it Sci fi or Fantasy? From the 20 or so responses I got, everyone agrees it's a bit of both and it was split down the middle with folks thinking it was more Sci fi then Fantasy and vice versa more Fantasy then Sci fi. To me Star Wars is more Sci fi then Fantasy.. I mean it set in space with lazer guns, space ships, aliens and light sabers but it does have the fantasy element with The Force. I even had one friend say it was Historical since it's set a long time ago in the galaxy far far away.