Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Webseries Stuff

Seems like the past few days have been all about GE3K'S Company and today as no different. I worked on setting up a date for our cast photo shoot in October. All but one of our main/minor cast members can make it. But the important part is that all three of the main characters can be there and that's great as I need a picture of the main cast to create the logo for the show.

Got to thinking about the photo shoot and realized that we need to pick out wardrobe for the cast. I don't mean indivual clothing that they are going to wear on the show but style and look. I want each character to have his or her own style even if they are very similar since we are all geeks. I spoke with our Wardrobe person Jes and we are planning a lunch date soon so we can discuss each person.

I also realized that once these "cast member" photos are taken the cast can't really change their looks (including myself). Or at least when we go to shoot they actual webseries, they'll need to change back to the look in the pictures. It's all these little things that you have to think about when creating a webseries. So much work but as I have mentioned in previous blogs I'll have a lot of help and we do have at least six months to prep.

I also watched more of Three's Company and coming to realized how funny these show is even thirty years later. Can't wait to get them on DVD.