Friday, August 16, 2013

Rough days

So lately life has been a quite stressful and while I have often used this blog to vent that is not my goal today. Today I want to talk about gaming as a form of self care. (Aka stress relief) Some days I just want to come home and melt some face. This oddly enough has been difficult lately since I've been raiding as a healer and my time is limited. I had to have a hard conversation with my hubby who is also our raid leader. With school starting back up I have to stop raiding at least for awhile. I'm sad but also a bit excited about this. It frees up my game time to experience all the things I haven't been able to. I will get to play different toons, pet battle (I still have no pets to 25). I still get to be social I'm in vent I may even change my priests gear around to be dps back up when I can be there for raid. But letting go released a lot of stress for me. I feel like my stress relief became a stressor, and now I can go back to enjoying my gaming life a bit more. The lesson I've learned is it's important to keep balance in all things even my hobbies. On that note; Happy Friday all!!
Peace and Love,