Sunday, May 13, 2012

technology and the world as we know it

After my blog entry last night I've been thinking more about technology and the world as we know it.  People have been consuming technology rapidly since the early 1980s transforming how we communicate, entertain, work and learn.

Here is a list of consumer electronics since the 80s
  • IMB  introduces the first Personal computer (1991)
  • "hand held" camcorder (1981) 
  • compact disck aka CD (1982)
  • mobile phone "brick phone" (1983)  
  • Apple Macintosh (1984)
  • discman (1984)  
  • Nintendo NES (1985)
  • Nintendo Gamyboy (1989)
  • laptop (1989)
  • Internet (1991)
  • Super Nintendo (1991)
  • Sony Playstation (1995)
  • HDTV (1996)
  • Kodack point and shoot digital camera (1996)
  • Apple iMac (1998)
  • Napster (1999)
  • iPod (2001)
  • X box (2002)
  • Nintedno DS (2004)
  • Blue Ray Disc (2006)
  • iPhone (2007)
  • iPad (2010)
I'm sure I missed a few important ones somewhere in there.   But you can see how quickly technology reinvents its self.  As I go through this list I am starting to feel old.  My grandma use to share stories about black and white television or having to get up to turn the channel.  As a child I couldn't imaging life without color TV, a TV in every room, and my trusty remote control.   I now know that I someday will be talking to my kids about being "older" than the first playstation, iPhone or iPad.

Looking over my list of consumer electronics I cannot help but remember.....  I remember my first Walkman, and secretly listening to rap or R&B so my dad couldn't hear.  I remember computer games to learn how to spell, type and add.  I remember using my grandparents Macintosh to do homework. I remember my first PC, and using "paint" for hours just so I could be on the computer. I remember America online (AOL) and getting upset when someone picked up the phone and I lost my connection to the Internet. I remember the brick cell phones that only business people, rich people or Zack Morris's used.  I remember playing Nintendo games for hours and hours that I'd get blisters on my thumb, and when changing games if it didn't start we'd have to blow into the cartridge. I remember my first pager, and learning pager code so I could "text" with my friends. ( 22+143+637+833)  I remember my first cell phone a free Nokia from Pacbell.  I remember my first trip to an apple store.  I remember my first iPod. I remember Myspace.  I remember thinking what is this Twitter thing all about??  These are memories that I have, and I am lucky to have experienced. I am very excited to add to the list.   I'm not sure why I've always been so mesmerized with technology but I have....

What are some of your memories of technology?