Sunday, May 20, 2012


A new term that I stumbled upon recently is SoMoLo. The term is a marketing strategry meaning Social + Mobile + Local. 

The idea is that people everywhere are attached to their iPhones, androids, iPads, and tablets.   These devices enable us to connect to social networks on the go, and identify our locations to direct us or connect to those around us. Social media websites allow us to connect and communicate in interactive dialogs with business, communities, or individuals.  

People use these social media sites to connect with friends socially.  Business use these media sites to connect with consumers.  This allows business to take social aspect of social media, and put a business/marketing spin on it .  Business are able to get other businesses (B2B) or Businesses are able to get consumers (B2C) to use their social media forums (apps, sites etc).

The social aspect is getting them to discuss, compare, get group deals, or play social games.   The mobile aspect is to get them to read reviews or product infomation anywhere they are instantly and generate shopping lists, or wish lists.   The local aspect enables a consumer to identify inventor, prices, find nearby stores, and locate offers.  
These SoMoLo shoppers are everywhere using blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram,  Yelp, FourSquare,,,, I am definatley part of this SoMoLo generation I love "checking-in" for deals.