Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A new hockey playoff tradition! Pancakes and beer?

My husband has started a new hockey playoff tradition! Pancakes and beer.   In 2010 he tired a playoff beard. In 2011 (I am slightly embarrassed to admit it) i had tried playoff legs! Now in 2012 it's pancakes (in honor of Kings forward Dustin Penner #25) and beer....and it's working!

Ok so let me explain. We always go to the Redondo beach cafe (The best greek canadian food in the South bay!!) for a watch party for playoff road games. Every game cafe regulars, hockey lovers and Kings fans gather to watch the games.  You also must know that my husband has been somewhat of a "Penner hater" since he joined the Kings in 2010. My husband says "once a duck always a duck" plus Penner was slow, lazy and not skating or scoring. Then Penner hurt himself eating pancakes.  S that you'll know I am not lying for 'blogs sake' here is an article on his 'injury' ( Penner Injures himself while eating Pancakes

Well things changed for Penner after that... He started skating harder, creating opportunities, even scored a goal. To poke fun at himself he participated in a pancake breakfast charity event "Pancakes with Penner" .
So game 5 of the first round playoff series we are enjoying wings and beer at the RB cafe (breakfast served all day) and my husband decides to have pancakes.   The Kings won that game and advanced to the second round for the first time in 11 years. My husband continued to order pancakes and beer through round 2 and Kings SWEEP the Blues. First time in franchise history the Kings swept a playoff series. Round three and pancakes each night and wins each night.

A few others have started participating in the pancakes and beer. We've even been greeted by some regulars as "the pancake people". Obviously pancakes are not the reason the Kings are winning but it's a fun, new tradition.

It's a great time to be a Kings fan!   Pancakes + Penner = Playoffs