Monday, April 30, 2012

Star Trek Season 1 Blu-ray

Just before Christmas last year I went a little crazy and bought all three seasons of the original Star Trek on Blu-ray, I watched the first two or three episodes and was quite impressed with the restoration work done on the episodes, the enhanced special effects were another thing however, I do rather like some of the new digital effects that were created for the show but some of the new effects are just too over the top for a show of Star Trek's age more disturbingly there has been the occasional new effects shot that was just terrible and makes me wonder why they bothered if that was the best they could do.

One of the great things about the Blu-ray release is that you have the option to watch the episodes with the original effects if you'd prefer and I'm sure thats what a lot of the fnatical purists do, I wanted to and still want to see how the show has been restored and reinterpreted for the high definition age.

Of course the great thing about Star Trek is the stories not the special effects and I've been enjoying seeing these old episodes again.