Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who's seeking attention now?

Social networking sites have one sole purpose, and that is to connect people. They connect you to your friends, to your family and even to complete strangers. 

Right now, in the world, there are seven billion people existing. There are seven billion dreams, seven billion problems, seven billion stories... seven billion lives, no two the same. Trying to comprehend the magnitude of this number is an impossible task, as is the question I put forward to you right now:

With seven billion people around you, and instant access to roughly half of them, how is it possible to feel completely alone?

Simple... other people's ignorance.

Mental illnesses along with eating disorders plague a huge percentage of our society, and yet, we refuse to talk about them. Why? Because of the stigma that surrounds them.

  1. A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person: "the stigma of mental disorder".
Sadly, I have seen people adding to the stigma that surrounds these very difficult, very real problems all too many times. They tell depressed people to "snap out of it" and "smile". They tell anorexics to "eat a burger". And, most shockingly of all, they tell those who may be suicidal to "stop attention seeking and just do it".

I cannot even begin to fathom why a stranger, let alone someone who is supposed to be your friend would say this to anyone. But it happens. It happens everyday. And I've had enough of saying nothing about it.

If someone on your facebook, or even your twitter or tumblr is saying anything about not eating, or being depressed, or cutting themselves, or making themselves sick, or killing themselves, then for God's sake, don't make an update telling them to "just do it". You have two viable options: 
  1. You be a decent human being and you get them the help they need and deserve or
  2. You unfriend or unfollow them and say nothing more.
You do NOT help add to the stigma that has already got massively out of hand and is costing thousands of lives every. Single. Year.

And do you know why it's costing thousands of lives? Because sufferers cannot ask anyone for help, despite being surrounded by people. 

The very sites that could end up saving their lives are the very sites that are contributing to the condition that could end up killing them.

The anorexics... the depressives... the bulimics, the self harmers, the schizophrenics and the suicidal.... they aren't the one's that are seeking attention from their posts... they are seeking help.

The moaners... the ignorant... the idiots, the egotistical, the hypocrites the misled, the bullies and the outright assholes... they are the one's seeking attention at the expense of other people's pain. 

I don't deem that to be so much hypocritical as just plain sad.

Think before you post.