Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thoughts on Sanguine

Hello all! Journeyman For my first post I thought I'd go over my newly discovered paint scheme: PP Sanguine. The guide to painting it is in the Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth. I have to say, I love it! The Sanguine Base always goes on nice and smooth and only takes a couple coats to get a good base. Here's where I first used the color:
This here is good ol' Bartolo Montador, Mercenary Privateer Warcaster. The blending from the shading to highlights is a little bit rough, but I was expecting that, my first time trying out the scheme and all.
My second time using this scheme was this chick, a Swiss Guard HMG from Infinity
My favorite part about this model is her right thigh, shown here. Here, I did my best to get an almost natural advancement from shadow to highlight. Out of the three times I've used Sanguine on the model, the usage here on the Swiss Guard has been my absolute favorite.
Coming in a close second is Epic Caine, Cygnar Warcaster: He's still a WIP, but I'm really enjoying where I'm taking him. The Sanguine looks great, and I picked a great second color for the jacket lining (PP Hammerfall Khaki). The stones are a bit too bright , so I'm going to be doing some drybrushing to make it look more like they're coming from a recently wrecked building. In closing, PP Sanguine is a great color that can add a little variety to regular factory schemes, or add that little touch that makes the model just pop. So far I've only used it on three models, but you may find it just might be all I use across the board! Overall, a great color, one that I will definitely be using more of in the future.