Friday, June 1, 2012

Survivors ( remake )

Recently Amazon UK had the boxset containing both series of the Survivors remake going fairly cheap so I thought I'd grab it and over that last three days I've re watched both series of the show.

Overall I did enjoy the watching Survivors again but despite it's obviously higher budget and production value it still seemed to be a somewhat pale imitation of the original series and speaking of the original series it was a little disturbing to see how many story lines and guest characters were taken directly from the original series and the creators of the original series didn't seem to be getting the credit they deserved , in fact the making of documentary doesn't even acknowledge that there was a previous version of the series.

This remake is more of an action adventure show compared to the original series so the characters come across a little flat or superficial but it's still an enjoyable series in it's own right but if you want real drama and character depth I'd recommend watching the original series instead.