Sunday, June 10, 2012

Party like it's 1999

Partying like it's 1999 involves watching a lot of 'Family Guy', quoting 'Fight Club' in order to sound cool to your friends and sipping on some panda pops whilst dancing to the likes of S Club 7, Steps and the Backstreet boys in your jelly sandals. 

They just don't make parties like that anymore... I would know, because I was of the incredibly wise age of five in 1999.

It was Michelle's 18th yesterday. I mean it in the best possible way when I say that she is one crazy kitten. There's not many people who would attempt to make a fitness DVD in P.E. and name it 'Get narrow with Garrow'. She's adorable:

Michelle's on the right, I'm
on the left.

Anyway, it was her 18th birthday party down at goals yesterday. It was also another one of my good bud's 18th birthday yesterday, Lewis. Double celebrations were in order!

I headed down to the venue with Kelly and Kristina. Kelly was telling us about this guy who came into her work the other week:
KELLY: There was this guy and he was like "Hello Kelly..."
ME: The American guy?
ME: Wait... how did he know your name?
KELLY: I thought the same thing, then I realised he was just reading my name-tag.
ME: Ahhhh.
KELLY: Anyway, the guy said "Hello Kelly, I want to make you something. Can you get me a straw, a napkin and a staple?" So I came back after like, three plates of food and he had made me a flower.
ME: That is adorable! Have you kept it?
KELLY: No...
Reminder to self: learn how to make flowers out of napkins.

There were a lot of kids at the party, one little boy in particular was absolutely adorable. Was in his mother's arms, his beautiful big blue eyes screaming "Who are all of these idiots?!". Kristina knew them, so she was yapping away to the mother, Kelly didn't know either of them, but took it upon herself to prod the child's cheeks and wave at him.

The expression on the kid's face this time was  something along the lines of this:


There was plenty other kids there.
ME: Trust Michelle to turn an 18th birthday party into a creche!
A couple of the people we were hanging out with went down to asda to get drink, so me and Kelly decided to go for a walk. We bumped into Connor and Leoni on the way out, so we all crossed the road and hung out at a random picnic bench. 

They mixed coca cola with something and then tortured themselves with it.
CONNOR: Try that one.
KELLY: No! It tastes horrible!
CONNOR: No, that was the other one, this is the nice bottle.
KELLY *Takes a swig, makes a disgusted face* That is the same one!
CONNOR: Haha, I'm gonna get you steamin'!
KELLY: No, people laugh at me when I'm drunk!
ME: And when you're sober.
 They laugh with her, there's a difference.

Connor began to impersonate me after learning that I don't drink (because I only take cocaine according to Billy. I'm hardcore like that).

Apparently, my voice sounds like Michael McIntyre. Not sure if that's a good sign or not!

The end of the night was signaled by Michelle's (insanely adorable) Mum, telling us to reach under our tables to find the cutest picture of wee Michelle before telling her Daughter that she loves her... d'aawww!

Michelle was embarrassed, but God, don't you love seeing those heart-warming moments?

Anyway, much love to Michelle for the invite, and I hope that Lewis enjoyed his birthday yesterday too!

Lauren xxx