Saturday, December 3, 2011

Grim's Boobie Brawl Contribution

Along with my fellow Geeks here in the garage, I was also asked to paint a fig for our local Boobie Brawl Tourney to support Breast Cancer Awareness. I was given eHaley. Such a cooooool fig. As I don't play Cygnar it is a nice change of pace to paint one of the boys.....errrr girls in blue. As I started this project, the biggest problem for me was figuring out which area I should implement the one stipulation for painting the fig... "somethings gotta be pink" After consulting a buddy and staring at the fig for awhile... this is what I came up with.

Progress so far: Pinks- Completed. Blues- almost finished... need to tighten up some of the transitions from shade to highlight. Whites- only base coated. Most of the black will end up being metallic.

Thanks for takin a peek, and follow us... you won't regret it.