Tuesday, January 3, 2012

If you're tired and you know it KO on the couch

Hey, wake up! I haven't even started writing
 yet so don't say it was this blog that sent you
 to sleep!

Little kids clearly have solar panels on top of their heads, enabling them to have limitless energy.

Apart from in Scotland...
Our kids must have wind turbines on 
their heads instead.

Inserting irrelevantly awesome picture here
because it's my blog and I can do what I
like with it.

What makes me say this? (The limitless energy comment before the pictures, not the egotistic comment above)

My little cousin came to play.

Me before Cameron came to visit:

*Le minding own business*

Me after Cameron came to visit:

Dude. That kid is... always on the go.

In the two and a half hours he was at my house, he:
  • Grabbed my leg and dragged it up half up the stairs (me still attached to it though, obviously)
  • He did about a hundred steps on my (unused) Carl Lewis lateral stepper
  • He almost climbed over my stair ledge and slid down the bannister.
  • And last, but certainly not least, he almost hit my Uncle in the balls with a light-saber. Hurrah!
Sorry, but watching people get punched/kicked/hit in the crotch is hilarious, and shows like "You've been framed" get 94% of their revenue by showing these sort of videos.

If you're wondering where the remaining 6% goes, 4% is earned by showing videos of idiots going about their day to day lives and the last 2% is earned purely by showing clips of confused morons on running machines.

Stupidity is a big business.

Anyway, my cousin is adorable:

Hah! What a kid.

This was me attempting to make him into a rockstar. It's one of my beanies and my guitar, the swagga is all his though.

Dave Grohl, eat your heart out!

NOTE: Dave Grohl, please don't literally eat your heart out. It was just a figure of speech.

I am away to sleep.

G'night folks!

Lauren xxx