Monday, October 10, 2011

You Are Not Useless

Seen as I have been abandoning you all for the past week or so, I thought you all deserved an explanation to what I've been playing at...

So here it is.

Perhaps you will have read my post on Jamey Rodemeyer, the teen who was bullied to the point where he thought his only escape from his tormentors was death...

If you have, then you will know that I was deeply moved by his story... which brings us to why I've been steering clear of blogging for the past few weeks...

I'm organising an anti-suicide message.

If you haven't seen the wonderful Paws Up Forever project, then please, watch it right now.

Inspired by the video, I've written a script and I'm asking people to help out with the making of the video by recording pieces of dialogue for the main body of the video, by taking pictures of themselves with "You are Not Useless" written on their palms or by simply tweeting me messages of support for those who need it the most.

There were 130 pieces of dialogue to be read out originally, but thanks to the amazing support I've received thus far on twitter and on the PFC forums, there are only 112 left. 

However, that is still 112 people I need to help out with the video, so if any of your friends, family, followers, readers or you personally would be willing to help out, please get in contact with me by emailing or leaving a comment at the end of this post.

Thank you so much to anyone who is even considering taking part.

Lauren xxx